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At The Aesthetic Institute we feel it is very important that you understand what separates us from other clinics in Ireland. As it stands, the general standard of cosmetic clinics in Ireland is very poor. Some clinics are using consultants who are non-resident in Ireland who are flown in for a day or two to carry out procedures. This can lead to major problems following surgery, as you will have no contact with your surgeon at any post-operative appointments. 


During consultations with our highly qualified Consultant Plastic Surgeons, you will have time to discuss your wishes in detail. Our doctors are not trying to sell plastic surgery and therefore you can be assured that you will only get a realistic and unbiased opinion. The use of our Vectra 3D Imaging System is included in all consultations for all Breast and Facial Augmentation Procedures. The fee for consultation with a doctor is €100, payable on the day, and is deductible should you go ahead with any procedure or treatment. 

Vectra 3D Imaging

The Aesthetic Institute is the first and only clinic in Ireland with the Vectra 3D Imaging Technology. During the consultation, a photograph of you will be taken and by using this unique simulation technology; the surgeon can illustrate what your expected post-surgery appearance will be. This is an integral part of all breast and facial augmentation consultations as it ensures that the patient’s desires and expectations are matched as much as is realistically possible by the consultant.

Private Accredited Hospitals

The Aesthetic Institute only performs surgical procedures in private accredited hospitals with a fully qualified staff of doctors and nurses and the latest high tech equipment. Some clinics in Ireland are carrying out procedures in inadequate operating theatres, with skeleton staff. The consequence of this is that if there were to be complications during the operation, you would need to be moved to a hospital via ambulance. At The Aesthetic Institute, patient safety is our main priority and we always ensure that you are cared for in the best possible way. Read more about the hospitals that we use here.

Affiliated with the largest plastic surgery group in the world

The Aesthetic Institute is affiliated with the largest Plastic Surgery group in Europe, Akademikliniken. Akademikliniken are Scandinavia’s largest private hospital group for aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Akademikliniken literally translates as “Academic Clinic” which reflects the clinic’s “Beauty through Science” approach to patient care. In 2006 our Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr. Colin Riordan undertook a year of additional specialized training in cosmetic plastic surgery at the internationally recognized Akademikliniken hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. It was during his time as a fellow at Akademikliniken in 2007 that the concept of opening a similar clinic in Ireland was formulated, which led to the opening of the first Akademikliniken Partner Clinic, The Aesthetic Institute in Dublin in September 2011. More about Akademikliniken