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Breast surgery cost

What will my breast surgery cost over time?

Consultation First you need to undergo a standard consultation, which will cost you approximately 100-200 euros. The consultation is a key event where we match your wishes and demands with an optimal treatment plan to reach these goals. Surgery Normally, the surgery will cost...
Breast augmentation with your own fat

Breast augmentation with your own fat – how it works!

Breast augmentation with your own fat or fat transfer has become more and more popular over the last few years, especially because most people find in more natural, both the look and feel. This is how it works: Breast augmentation with your own fat...
Breast augmentation and pregnancy

Facts you need to know about breast augmentation and pregnancy

There are a lot of misconceptions about breast augmentation and pregnancy. Therefore, we have listed the things you need to be aware of. Planning a pregnancy? If you are trying to become pregnant or planning a pregnancy in the near future, it would not...
Common misconceptions about breast augmentation

Recovery after breast augmentation

As all people are different, we respond differently after a surgery. Some patients can be back at work after a couple of days, as others need more time. We have asked plastic surgeon Mr Colin Riordan what he recommends. Day 1 Traditionally the patient...
Biggest risk of breast augmentation

Biggest risks of breast augmentation

In most situations patients are happy with the results of their breast augmentation. With careful planning it is very rare that something goes wrong. But where there is surgery there will always be some degree of risk. So, what are the risks and what...
Misconception about breast augmentation

5 common misconceptions about breast augmentation

1. Anatomical implants provide no fullness in the upper part of the chest. False. Even though there is more volume in the lower part of the implant it actually tends to push up the breast tissue adding to volume in the upper breast as...