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It is not necessary to have a consultation with our Skin Therapist prior to having a skin treatment unless you wish to do so. You will have the opportunity to speak with our therapist before your treatment to assess your skins needs and discuss your skin care goals.

To book a consultation time please call 01- 4915738, email or fill in our contact form and we will get in touch as soon as possible to arrange a date and time, convenient to you.


Clinic Manager, Patient advisor, Clinical Therapist & Fully Qualified Laser Aesthetician.

Anita White has worked within the cosmetology industry for the past 10 years, heavily involved in clinical studies and training programs. Anita has completed C.I.B.T.A.C with first class honours and has completed many courses on laser such as IPL/Diodes laser hair reduction, KTP’s, Peels, Mirco-needling, Pelleve (Radiofrequency) and skin care products whilst also holding postgraduates in Marketing and Management

Anita also holds certificates in European Master class in aesthetics and anti aging as well as an international master class on ageing skin covering Anatomy, physiology and mental health. Been a very well trained and an experienced practitioner she is well positioned as an advisor complementing the consultant medical team. As a dedicated athlete who has represented Ireland many times, she has a firm understanding of health, fitness and wellbeing. This gives Anita a unique perspective on the concept of inner and outer physical beauty.


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