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 We really value our patients  comments and feedback about their experience at the Aesthetic Institute.  Listening to our patients helps us to improve our services and outcomes. Please find below some comments from patients  who have undergone  procedures through the Aesthetic Institute.



"This place needs 10 stars"

Had rhinoplasty and juvederm voluma Dr. Riordan is so genuine and honest and truely cares about his clients.

He doesn't pressure ya to make a decision he gives his professional advice and opinion but also really listens to his client. I couldn't recommend him enough.



"So happy with my results"

I recently had a full tummy tuck,breast augmentation and breast lift. The reason I choose to do this is because I have two beautiful children, but most mams knows that after having babies, things change :)
I HIGHLY recommend doctor Colin Riordan, he did an amazing job. I'am so so happy with my results, my confidence is back. He explained everything so well, really gave me a lot of time and care. Thank you so much.

I choose Aesthetic Institute,because I did my own internet research, and people have said only good things about them. So then check my surgeon Doctor Colin Riordan,he was on the Irish Association of plastic surgeons, with a lot of experience.So I fully trusted him. I was treated very kindly in the clinic. I would highly recommend them.


RHINOPLASTY - Reviewed 29th Oct 2015

"Rhinoplasty changed my life for the better"

I have recently undergone rhinoplasty surgery with The Aesthetic Institute, Dublin. The results are far better then I ever would have expected, and words can't express the elated feeling that I have as a result of this. I have never been happier. I only wish I had got this done ten/fifteen years ago instead of being so unhappy for such a long time for something that was fixable in a matter of days.
The treatment itself was no big deal, the whole procedure only took 2 hours. I felt no pain whatsoever and was looked after with immense care by all staff.
The surgeon who operated on me was the Best in his field, and highly praised and recommended by all who worked alongside him in the operating room. His expertise/meticulous/ thorough and precise manner ensured he gave me extreme attention to detail and spent every second necessary with me to give me the best results which I wished for. I am eternally grateful for this surgeon for what he has done. He has changed my life for the better.
I stayed in hospital as a day patient and was released later that day. Within 4 days the cast was taken off my nose and was back to my old self.
I would highly recommend anyone who is considering getting this done to go ahead and not think twice about it. In hindsight, I should have gotten this done years ago. The treatment and procedure was fantastic and the results are phenomenal.

I chose the Aesthetic Institute, Dublin to get my rhinoplasty surgery as it is the best clinic out there. This clinic is a highly recommended professional clinic that treats it's patients with the upmost care and confidentiality. The surgeon is the Best in his field and has years and years of experience and qualifications behind him, knowing this information in advance, before I decided to go ahead with the procedure was extremely important to me. I researched several clinics in advance but this clinic was by far the best.

The 3D consultation was extremely insightful and after this I knew straight away I really wanted to get this done. After the consultation I rang reception the next day and confirmed I wanted to go ahead with the surgery. The receptionist was extremely helpful and friendly and booked the date of surgery immediately. Everything was so efficient, it happened so quickly with such an easy smooth no hassle approach.

I am extremely happy and satisfied by the way I was handled and dealt with from every aspect. I would highly recommend anyone considering this surgery to contemplate on going with Aesthetic as they are the Best out there. The results are amazing and I could never have expected such fantastic results. This has now changed my life and I am eternally grateful for this.


 BREAST AUGMENTATION - Reviewed 28 Aug 2015
"Breast augmentation changed my life"

I had Breast Augmentation with Dr Fuan Chan in Aesthetic Institute, Dublin. 3 weeks ago today. If you are considering any treatment with this clinic and definitely with Mr Chan I would highly recommend it.

I also received amazing service from the secretary Laura, she was very helpful and kind. She was always there to answer any of my questions.


SEPTOPLASTY - Reviewed 29 Aug 2015
"Positive results to repair the deviation of my septum"

"Septoplasty was the surgical procedure, prescribed by Mr.Riordan to repair the deviation of my septum, caused by a sport injury incurred over a decade ago, that affected my ability to effectively breathe through my nose. The procedure was a complete success with immediate positive results, fully restoring my ability to comfortably breathe through my nose. I am elated with the outcome thus far, & Mr.Riordan assured me to expect even further improvement! I cannot thank The Aesthetic Institute, especially Mr.Riordan, enough for helping me to improve my quality of life.

The Aesthetic Institute was recommended by a colleague, & I highly endorse said recommendation! The clinic is conveniently located around Dublin City Centre. Laura, Mr.Riordan's Secretary, is an invaluable point of contact & ensured that I had all of the relevant information promptly & thoroughly. My overall experience was very relaxed, courteous, & very professional. Mr.Riordan addressed my concerns (deviated septum) at the onset & we scheduled the surgical procedure without delay from the initial consultation appointment."


BREAST AUGMENTATION - Reviewed 20 July 2015 

"I had dreamed of having life changing breast augmentation"

"I had a breast augmentation back in March this year in The Aesthetic Institute. I could not be happier with my results, I've dreamed of having this surgery since I was a young girl. And to finally have my dream come true, I was overwhelmed with happiness. Everything was perfect, my consultation with Mr.Riordan only made me all the more confident that I had found the right person to do this huge life changing thing for me. He understood exactly what I wanted. During my consultation I had said that I wanted to go up to a very natural C cup, I was a 32A. Mr. Riordan explained exactly what implants would be perfect for my and how they would be positioned. In the end I made the decision to go for slightly bigger implants, we had originally decided on the 255cc but I had decided to go for the 290cc, not too much of a difference. I am now a 32D/DD and am not complaining one little bit, I'm so happy and can not thank Mr. Riordan enough for this tremendous change to my life and I can not recommend him enough.

The clinic and all it's staff are brilliant. Mr. Riordan is fantastic, as is his clinic manager Laura. She was so amazing and supportive throughout the whole process. I chose this clinic because walking in I felt welcome and very comfortable. I also loved that Mr. Riordan had the Vectra 3D Imaging, it allowed you to see what your results would be like post op, this made it all very real for me and I knew instantly that this was the clinic I would have my surgery with. I always felt very comfortable with both Mr. Riordan and Laura, no question felt silly to ask. And they were always a phone call away if I needed anything."


 RHINOPLASTY - Reviewed 29 June 2015 
"Best choice I've ever made"

"I had a rhinoplasty done in April out in the Blackrock Clinic by Dr Colin Riordan from the aesthetic institute and it was the best choice I have ever made. I was so well looked after and I'm so happy with happy with my results. I would highly recommend Dr Riordan.

Beautiful clinic and beautiful staff. I was welcomed on all my visits by the lovely Laura. She is such a warm bubbly girl who couldn't have done enough for me from day 1 she has been so helpful and I would like to thank her so much."


BREAST AUGMENTATION - Reviewed 11 June 2015 
"So glad I did it"

"I had breast augmentation and inverted nipple correction surgery. I had been contemplating this surgery for some time and eventually bit the bullet and went ahead with it. I am so glad I did. It was worth every cent. The only regret I have is that I did not do this sooner. I had consultations with five different clinics before making my choice. As soon as I came out from my consultation with the Aesthetic Institute I booked my surgery date.

I felt so confident that I was going to get the best care here. All my fears were met with reassurance, details and statistics. All my questions were answered. The 3D imaging really was the icing on the cake for me. This said however, I never felt I was getting the 'hard sell'. The decision was left very much up to me, but I had no doubts and was happy to go ahead."


BREAST AUGMENTATION - Reviewed 10 June 2015 

"Never been happier with care and results"

"The treatment I had on the day was the best I ever had anywhere , Dr Colin was so understanding and seen me before surgery to go through exactly what I was looking for. The staff were very nice and helpful and felt it was very professional, caring and understanding.

I found the clinic very helpful and any time I needed to ask a question after consultation they always ring you back, I would recommend this clinic to anyone, never been happier with the care and results."


BREAST AUGMENTATION - Reviewed 10 June 2015

"The results are great and life changing"

"After many years of thinking about it I finally decided to have breast implants as I had always been unhappy with my natural breasts. It cost €5000 and I feel this was very good value as the care before and after my operation was excellent. I am very pleased that I went ahead with the treatment as the results are great and it really is life changing.

I went for the anatomical shape which is more natural looking and under the muscle. Under the muscle is more painful after surgery but I think a week of discomfort is worth a natural looking augmentation. I was out of work for 10 days. It's like rebuilding your muscles again because it took me awhile to open doors, drive and even open shampoo bottles etc. At the 6 week mark I was back in the gym doing my full workout.

I was researching on the internet for months and found that a lot of clinics I contacted for basic information were trying way too hard to sell the operation to me. The Aesthetic Institute was very different and after my first consultation with Dr Riordan I knew that was where I wanted to have my treatment. He knew exactly what I wanted and I was confident I would be happy with the results. It is a state of the art clinic and the receptionist Laura is so helpful and professional, it really is a pleasure to deal with her! My operation was in Blackrock Clinic and I was very happy with the care I received. The after care really is excellent and you have the comfort of knowing that you can contact your surgeon at any time if you need to."


BREAST AUGMENTATION - Reviewed 10 June 2015 

"Helped me pick the right size and shape"

"I wanted a breast augmentation as I was a small A and was hoping to go to at least a C cup. I did a lot of research and had consultations with many consultants.
The first appointment with the 3D view was very helpful and enabled me to pick the right size and shape implant for my body. This was the only clinic to offer this service. I wanted to know what I was going to look like instead of being surprised and maybe disappointed I didn't go bigger or smaller.

My breasts are very perky and I don't need a bra at the moment. I travelled from Munster and I stayed in Dublin that night. Overall I am very happy I decided to have the procedure done. I would recommend anybody to have this procedure done with Mr Riordan.

Mr Riordan is a perfectionist which is comforting to know when you are spending €5,500. He gave me a few examples on the 3D viewer and suggested which size he thought was best for me. I went with the size he suggested which I believe is perfect for my size and shape. My scars are healing nicely, Mr Riordan was very neat. His clinic is very clean and Laura on reception is extremely friendly and easy to communicate with.
The surgery took place in Blackrock Clinic which was nicer than a hospital environment and the nurses were very friendly."


ABDOMINOPLASTY - Reviewed 14 May 2015 

 "Very happy"

"I received a Full Abdominoplasty. Very happy with my results I feel like a different person can now move with the rest of my life."


BREAST AUGMENTATION - Reviewed 12 May 2015 

"Delighted with the results"

"Yes I am delighted with the results! Laura and Colin were very accommodating and friendly, really focus on the individual and not just concerned on money/profits.

I got breast augmentation and it was the best decision I made, I wanted to go up two bras sizes and that's exactly what Colin done. They look so natural and feel real. Great surgeon and good quality implants for a great price. Would definitely recommend the aesthetic institute."


 BREAST AUGMENTATION - Reviewed 26 April 2015 
"Couldn't be happier"

"I underwent Breast Augmentation in March 2015 at the Aesthetic Institute. The surgery was carried out in Blackrock Clinic and I couldn't be happier with the results.

There was no hard sell at this clinic just a very professional, caring and ethical approach. I found the 3D imaging which was done during the consultation to be extremely helpful in selecting the correct implant as I could really see exactly what the results would look like on my body. All the staff were very helpful and I couldn't recommend Mr Riordan any higher."


RHINOPLASTY - Reviewed 19 March 2015 

"Outstanding success"

I had surgery for Rhinoplasty tip and it went extremely well, totally painless. Dr. Riordan is an extremely good surgeon and the procedure proved to be an outstanding success.


 BREAST AUGMENTATION - Reviewed 19 March 2015 


"I found the whole process from start to finish excellent. Dr Riordan and his staff are excellent at what they do. Always a pleasure to deal with. They are open and genuine in their care and services and I am absolutely delighted with the results- couldn't recommend them more"


ABDOMINOPLASTY - Reviewed 26 February 2015 

"Very impressed"

"I was very impressed with Colin Riordan, I had spent nearly a year meeting with different surgeons, none of whom either would agree to do the surgery or had adequate facilities. When I met Mr Riordan, I immediately felt at ease. He was honest about what he could do and did not give me any false expectations.

I found the whole experience very good the staff are extremely friendly and professional. You won't be disappointed if you chose this clinic for your procedure."


ABDOMINOPLASTY - Reviewed 30 January 2015

"Very professional service"

"I had the tummy tuck procedure on 18th December 14, the procedure went really well and I couldn't be any happier with results and after care I received after my operation, very professional service."


RHINOPLASTY - Reviewed 08 January 2015 

"Amazing results, great surgeon and a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Would highly recommend to anyone. Also the girls at reception Laura is so lovely and easy to deal with."


BREAST AUGMENTATION - Reviewed 19 December 2014
"Happy with the results"

"I'm very happy with the results. Everyone is very helpful and Mr. Riordan is the best."

SCAR REMOVAL - Reviewed 20 October 2014 
"Great service"

"Great service. They really listen to what you want/request and nail it. Very happy with the outcome."


 RHINOPLASTY - Reviewed 12 September 2014

"I had an open rhinoplasty with Dr Riordan at the start of July and everything from the first consultation till post operative care exceeded my expectations. Dr Riordan took time to explain everything to me, he patiently listened to my wishes and made sure all my questions were answered before procedure.

After seeing many plastic surgeons, I decided to go ahead with Dr Riordan, because he is professional, confident and pays attention to details. In my opinion he is a great plastic surgeon, and I would highly recommend him."


ABDOMINOPLASTY - Reviewed 30 August 2014 

"Couldn't recommend him enough"

"Mr Colin Riordan, plastic surgeon. Couldn't recommend him enough. I'm only 3 day post tummy tuck op. And he's done a great job. Really makes sure your looked after as well, and the receptionist is lovely. Really nice and helpful."