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Akademikliniken Skin Treatments


A 21% glycolic acid peel. Also know as the 'lunchtime peel'. This treatment won’t cause severe redness, burning, shedding or flaking like other skin peels. Following exfoliation, the application of our AK 'Pro Lipid' mask, will calm, soothe and hydrate your skin using a unique blend of vitamins and botanicals. This peel will improve skin texture, clarity and tone and will leave your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and radiant. See what Triona McCarthy say's about this on our News Feed.


This treatment improves coarse textured skins with poor tone and uneven pigmentation which most ageing skins struggle with. It includes a double cleanse, full skin analysis, exfoliation with AK's new 'Triple Peel' followed by the application of the 'Second Skin' mask. Hyaluronic Acid makes this an intensely moisturising facial, combating and plumping out those fine lines and wrinkles. The ultimate anti-ageing facial.


The ultimate treatment for dry, dehydrated and irritated skins that lack moisture. It includes a double cleanse, full skin analysis, exfoliation, and mask application to quench the skin. Leaves skin, calm, smooth, plump and glowing with health.


This skin treatment is ideal for teenage skins. The youth facial optimizes the appearance of younger skin using products from the AK Bio-Nature range. The treatment includes a double cleanse, full skin analysis, gentle exfoliation, extractions if needed and a mask customized for the skins needs.