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What is it and how does it work?

This product which has been used in the health industry in Ireland since the 1980s to treat muscle problems. From the 1990s onwards, anti-wrinkle Injections have been frequently used in cosmetic and aesthetic contexts in order to reduce visible lines and wrinkles. Due to the very low concentration used it is, in fact, a very safe cosmetic treatment.

The substance, which is produced in laboratories, blocks nerve impulses to the tiny facial muscles, which normally cause lines and wrinkles when they contract. This prevents the muscles from contracting and the skin is smoothed so that lines and wrinkles disappear in the best achievable way. Untreated muscles are not affected, nor are normal facial expressions.

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How are anti-Wrinkle Injections best Used?

Wrinkles best suited to this treatment are those caused by muscle use, i.e. expression wrinkles. Wrinkles between the eyebrows, horizontal wrinkles of the forehead and wrinkles around the eyes can all be treated with anti-wrinkle injections. It normally only takes a few minutes to administer the ant-wrinkle injections and, as the needles used are very fine, it is not usually painful. It's very important that the person doing the injecting is an expert in facial anatomy, as the benefits of the treatment depend on their skill to treat the correct muscles. At the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, Ireland, this procedure performed by our fully qualified staff.

Hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating can also be treated using the same method.

How long do the effects last?

The length of time that the effects of the injection will last for differs from patient to patient. Initial injections usually last between four to six months. The interval between each treatment thereafter usually increases over time.


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What does it cost?

The overall cost of an anti wrinkle treatment will depend on the volume of product needed to achieve the desired effect. You can read more about our non-surgical treatments prices here.

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If you have any questions about treatment or any other anti-wrinkle treatments which are not addressed here, or if you would like to book a consultation with the Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Dublin to discuss your options, please call 01 491 5738, email or complete our Enquiry Form.

If Anti-wrinkle are not suitable for me, what other treatments are available?

Wrinkles that are visible even when the face is relaxed, ie. around the mouth and chin, may be best treated with dermal fillers. For further information, see Dermal Fillers. Fillers are also best suitable for lip enlargement, for example. Learn more about lip fillers here. Lines caused by aging or sun damage will not respond to this treatment either, and may be better treated by chemical peels or laser resurfacing. For further information on this, see Fraxel Laser. If your wrinkles are too far advanced for anti-wrinkle injections to work without preventing all movement, then you may be suitable for surgical procedures such as a facelift or browlift.