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Following a year of study at Akademikliniken in Stockholm, Blackrock Clinic-based Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Colin Riordan, formed a partnership with the Swedish clinic to offer the same range and quality of aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, aesthetic treatments and skincare products. Since the clinic was founded in 2011 it has grown rapidly and is now very popular among patients seeking high quality, safe and professional care.

Why we are part of the leading Plastic Surgery Clinic in the world

Specialist Personnel

All of our surgeons are registered on the specialist registrar of plastic surgery.

AK Method for Breast Augmentation

This is the first truly mathematical method for Breast Augmentation and it is now used to train surgeons globally.

3D Imaging Simulation Before Surgery

To optimise your consultation and to give you a better understanding of what your result for Breast Augmentation or Rhinoplasty will be, we use Canfiled’s leading Vectra 3D imaging simulation. We are the first and only clinic in Ireland with this technology.

Beauty Through Science by Akademikliniken

We are part of the Akademikliniken clinic who arranged The Beauty Through Science symposium in Stockholm. This is an annual event where more than seven hundred plastic surgeons, from all over the world attend to increase their knowledge and experience in plastic surgery.