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For us, it is very important that all of your questions are answered and that you feel confident about your decision to proceed with an operation or treatment. The simplest way of doing this is to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our specialists. Then you can discuss your requirements, desires and expectations, the full process and what it will entail, and what the procedure might cost. Book a consultation here now. With our partner Akademikliniken we are constantly developing new methods and treatments to promote the development of the specialty. For example, we developed and use our own method for breast augmentation. The so-called AK method is the first real mathematical method for breast augmentation. We also use 3D simulation so that you can get an accurate idea of your end result prior to your surgery. We are the only clinic in Ireland with this technology. Read more about the AK method in Breast Augmentation here Read more about 3D simulation here (LINK) When it comes to facial treatments, we have developed a method called ‘Softlift’. It is a completely new aesthetic treatment composed of muscle relaxants and hyaluronic acid, which build up tissue from the depths, replacing volume and giving a gentle lift. Read more about AK Softlift here Furthermore, the Aesthetic Institute has a unique line of skin care products that are an excellent compliment to the operations and treatments that we perform. Read more about our skin care products here