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Following your surgery there is always a nurse with you in the recovery room. They are there to check that you are recovering well from the surgery and anesthesia. Pain management is given as long as the need persists. The staff continually assess the need for pain relief and provide appropriate treatment. When you have recovered and you no longer need intensive care supervision, you will be transferred to the ward.

Since everyone’s healing process is individual, it is important that you listen to your body and adapt your activities to how you feel. After most procedures, we recommend that you refrain from exercise and other physical activities and restrict your exercise to gentle quiet walks. You will receive thorough instructions before your surgery or treatment. Everything is done to ensure that your healing will be as smooth as possible.

It is important that you have realistic expectations for your procedure. Results vary between different people. We will explain thoroughly the procedure before the operation, both at the consultation and again on the day of surgery.

When you go home after an operation, you get a return card with the telephone number of the clinic and the surgeon who has carried it out so you can reach us around the clock, no matter the time.

Following surgery, your first post-operative appointment with your consultant will generally be one week after the procedure. This gives you time to discuss with your doctor any questions that you may have following the procedure. You will then have another post-operative appointment in approximately five weeks time. At this stage you can discuss the outcome of your surgery. You will then have another appointment in approximately five months time.

1565_bd152c41 It is vitally important that you care for your wound regularly and efficiently. You can make an appointment with our qualified skin care therapist following your post-operative appointment to ensure that you are caring for your skin well. After several years of research, Akademikliniken developed their own skin care line and the products were formulated to best optimize skin health following surgery. Book a consultation with our skin care therapist here Read more about our range of skin care products here