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3 breast augmentation trends


1. Fat grafting

Fat grafting or breast augmentation with you own fat is one of the trends right now, and it offers a great alternative to implants. When we perform this type of procedure, we use liposuction to remove fat cells from the stomach, hips or other fat-abundant body areas, then we clean and prepare the fat and replace it in the breasts. Pretty impressive! Read more about the fat grafting technique here!


2. A more natural and proportional augmentation

Thankfully, nowadays it is rather few patients that request large or even massive breasts. Most women are now requesting a more natural result, which is in proportion to their body.



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3. Lightweight breast implants

Today’s implants are rather heavy and due to natural forces they will eventually sag a little. Therefore a long term study on something called lightweight breast implants has been conducted by two brothers from Israel, a plastic surgeon and a biomedical engineer. They now believe they have invented the most lightweight silicone implant ever. They named it B-Lite. Instead of having pure silicon in the implants, microspheres are physically fixed into the cohesive silicone gel. Read more about B-lite here!


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