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3 reasons why people have a second filler or botox treatment

Fillers and botox are both temporary treatments, where the effect wears off after a few months. To make the results last – most people choose to repeat the procedure on several returning occasions. In this blog post, we list three of the most common reasons for people to return to have additional botox or filler treatments.


1. To keep in control of the aging process

The first signs of aging often starts in the face, this is also the place where you are most likely to notice them for the first time. Fine lines around the eyes or the nose and mouth make people realize, more than perhaps anything, that they’re not 21 anymore. This may inspire them to have a filler or botox treatment – and to keep maintaining their results with recurring treatments.

But to chase every single new line or wrinkle might not be the best way to handle the aging process – and sometimes it might not even be necessary. Instead, you can get a much better result by looking at the big picture, rather than at every small line. Perhaps a little volume boost in the cheeks will have as big an effect as botox in your forehead.


2. You know what to expect and can enjoy the results in full

Although fillers and botox treatments are safe and easy procedures, we are often careful to make sure first time patients are fully informed, and that they understand the process. A recurring patient, however, already have a greater understanding of the outcome – and is usually more confident and less concerned prior to their treatment. Since they’ve been through it before, they are more relaxed and familiar with the procedure, knowing what to expect. In addition, this makes the process more streamlined and faster – a benefit for everyone involved.


3. The treatment is fast, simple and safe

The final reason for people to return and repeat their previous filler or botox treatment is because of the fact that it is quite easy. At most times, you could have your treatment done safely during your lunch break, and then go straight back to work afterwards. The main risk is maybe some bruising, and as any other cosmetic treatment, fillers and botox are of course carefully regulated. After having treatments on several occasions, you will know how it affects you and how your body reacts to it.

This is why returning clients is a very common and typical thing when it comes to botox and fillers. If you try something once and have a great result – why wouldn’t you want to repeat that?


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