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4 times when we don’t recommend rhinoplasty

Your nose is a very central part of your features, and a nose surgery could seem like an easy way to completely improve the way you look and feel about yourself. But sometimes, rhinoplasty might simply not be the solution.


1. If you want to change your whole life

A rhinoplasty might seem like a simple enough way to feel better about yourself and your appearance. But be sure of one thing – a nose surgery is not going to transform your life. Rhinoplasty should not be made with the expectation that it will help you find that perfect partner or help you make that perfect carrier. If you truly feel that there’s actually something wrong with your life, you need to search more deeply in order to change it. Even if you believe everything is nose-related, rhinoplasty would probably only play a very small part in achieving the life you want.


2. If you can’t pinpoint your specific issue

If you have trouble explaining exactly what you don’t like about your nose, the issue might be bigger than the nose itself. For the surgeon to be able to help, you must be very specific and really pinpoint what’s wrong – otherwise not even the physical issue can be taken care of.


3. If you want another nose than your own

It’s very important to have realistic expectations. If you bring an image from the web of some celebrity with a nice nose, it will be impossible for the surgeon to meet the expectations. Remember, you can only have a better version of your nose – not someone else’s.


4. If you have a big life event coming up

Before you decide upon a rhinoplasty it is important that you are in a balanced and stable state of mind. Don’t stress into the decision at the same time as changing other important things in your life. If you, for example, have your own wedding coming up, it is not a good idea to have a surgery. A wedding is a lot of pressure in itself, without a nose surgery on top of it. Plus – when the big day arrives, there might still be swelling or bruising. Enjoy your wedding and honeymoon first, and if you feel the same way afterwards, consider rhinoplasty then.

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