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4 ways to change the appearance of your chin

4 ways to change the appearance of your chin

The chin is a very central part of your features, and can look very different from person to person. You might find it either too prominent, too weak, too square or too small. No matter what, there are several options that can help alter your chin in a way that matches your face better. Here we list four of the most common alternatives for chin surgery!

1. Chin augmentation

A chin augmentation is a relatively common and not too complicated procedure. The treatment involves changing the appearance of the chin by placing a silicone-based implant deeply against the jaw. The aim for this kind of chin sugery is often to create a more prominent chin, and the implants are available in different shapes and sizes to help with your desired look.

2. Chin liposuction

To create even more prominence in the chin, a liposuction could be a great solution in combination with chin augmentation. A chin liposuction could also be done separately, to remove any excess fat or heaviness in the chin. At most times, this procedure is performed on younger patients who don’t yet have any loose skin around their neck.

3. Chin reduction

For patients who find their chin too big, square or long in comparison to their face – a chin reduction could be a way to address this. As opposed to a chin augmentation, a reduction of the chin is a more complex surgery that will involve interference with the jaw bone itself. To make the chin smaller and/or more proportional to your face, this kind of more extensive chin surgery will be necessary.

4. Non-surgical options

Not only are there surgical alternatives for those who wish to make a difference to their chin! In addition to these procedures you could also make small, but relevant, changes with a little help from dermal fillers. Since it’s a non-surgical treatment, fillers are of course a temporary solution with shorter lasting results. Still – it’s a safe, fast and low risk way to make a chin more compatible with the rest of your face. Also, the recovery time is almost non-existent – you could go for dinner the same night, talking and eating as usual!

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