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5 common misconceptions about breast augmentation

1. Anatomical implants provide no fullness in the upper part of the chest.

False. Even though there is more volume in the lower part of the implant it actually tends to push up the breast tissue adding to volume in the upper breast as well as, which gives you a more natural result.

2. Scars are less visible if they are located in the armpit or breast areola.

False. No two patients are alike, and therefore everyone have individual needs. Regardless of what type of incision you will have, the surgeon will always aim for the most natural result in the most natural place where, most of the times, you will not be able to see the scar.


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3. Breast augmentation is mostly for younger women.

False. It is not only young women who want breast augmentation. We meet all age groups, particularly women after one or several pregnancies, or women in their forties and fifties who feels that their shape has changed. To feel comfortable with your body has no age restriction.

4. Everyone wants big implants!

False again. Most patients’ usually only desire to go up one-cup size and having bigger breasts is normally not the only goal. Most people desire a nicer shape of their breasts and most importantly, breasts that are more proportional to their body.

5. Implants must be replaced after 10 years.

False. Modern implants last a long time and if everything goes according to the plan – they can often last a lifetime. So, if you do not have any problems, there is usually no reason to have to replace them.