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5 steps to prepare prior to a breast augmentation


5 steps prior to breast augmentation
Before you decide on such an important decision as a breast augmentation, we urge you to review and go through these 5 steps.

1. What’s your reasons?

Spend some time thinking about the reasons behind your desire to make such a change. Do not rush your decision, make sure you are confident that this is what is right for you and that you have considered the breast augmentation carefully.

2. If possible discuss it with someone dear to you

“My body, it’s my decision” – for sure, however we still recommend that you talk about your surgery with your closest friends, family and/or partner. If possible, do not keep your thoughts to yourself and make the decision on your own – discuss it with your closest ones.


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3. Research your options

Everyone is googling everything today, which is great because we can retrieve a lot of valuable information which can help us make more informed decisions. However, there are of course two sides to every coin. Therefore it’s always a good idea to check facts on more than one website. Try to use standardized, mutual and non biased websites such as:

IAPS – The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Another valuable source of information is your General Practitioner, GP. Ask them what they think and if they recommend someone to go to.

4. Book consultations.

Sometimes it is helpful to visit more than one consultation. And if you for some reason feel that you did not get all your questions answered, go back! It is important that your plastic surgeon is fully accredited so you can feel safe and comfortable while contemplating your options. Give yourself some time between the consultations and the actual surgery. This decision is something you should think carefully about and not hurry.

5. Take care of your body and mind.

Prior to a breast augmentation or surgery it is important that you are in harmony with yourself. Eat well, exercise and be balanced, not stressed out.
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