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6 questions you should ask the clinic prior to rhinoplasty

Everyone has a lot of questions prior to such an important decision as a rhinoplasty, or any other surgery. When you’ve come so far that you’ve booked a consultation, these are six of the most important questions you would want to get answered.


1. How can my nose be fixed?

Explain, as specifically as you can, what you don’t like about your nose – and ask what could be done. The surgeon have to understand exactly what bothers you to be able to address the issue.


2. Where will the surgery be carried out?

It’s nice to know where you will be having your surgery early in the process, not at least to make sure that it’s a safe and credited hospital.


4. How many rhinoplasties have you done before?

When you talk to the one person who is going to perform the rhinoplasty, of course you would want to know his or her experience. Ensure that they’re fully certified!


5. Can you show me some pictures of other patients?

Before and after pictures are a great way to see the surgeon’s previous work and will better help you predict and understand your own transformation. Here, you can see before and after photos from rhinoplasties carried out here at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin.


6. If I need a small correction afterwards, how does that work?

A question you surely would want to know the answer to before rather than after the surgery, to avoid worrying when you already are in the recovery period.


7. Can I see a simulation of the expected end result?

A 3D-simulation of your nose is a helpful tool for both you and the surgeon – as you will be able to see how the surgeon has interpreted your issue, and they will understand your expectations better.


Download our guide: Five important questions to ask the clinic and yourself  before committing to nose reshaping with a rhinoplasty procedure