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Abdominoplasty and liposuction – a great combination

When considering a tummy tuck, there’s often a certain thing you have in mind that the surgery will be your solution to. It can be to get rid of that pooching tummy or to remove some excess skin hanging loose around the belly. But did you know that an abdominoplasty actually is best performed together with a liposuction – regardless what your special case is?

An abdominoplasty is primarily considered being a solution to rectus diastasis, or separated abdominal muscles. The surgery will help tightening the stomach muscles again, as well as remove and redrape some possible excess skin. But in fact, the outcome of an abdominoplasty wouldn’t be as good if it wasn’t combined with a liposuction.

A way to address inaccessible fat

If you are suffering from separated abdominal muscles after for example heavy weight loss, there’s bound to be some excess fat clinging onto your loose skin. This fat is quite impossible to get rid of only by exercising or in another natural way of losing weight. This issue will be best addressed with a liposuction, combined with rest of the surgery.

If an abdominoplasty merely would consist of removing excess skin and fixing the muscles, in many cases, there could still be unaccessible fat in deposits connected to the skin in different places. Liposuction is a great solution for treating fat in the hip area, the “muffin top”, and even around to the back or flanks. In consultation, a plastic surgeon will examine and evaluate exactly what solution will suit your special case. A liposuction will often be the start of the operation, to give the surgeon the best following conditions for handling the skin and the rectus diastasis.

Today, it’s far more common to do both the procedures at the same time, rather than just restoring the stomach muscles. To combine an abdominoplasty with a liposuction will undoubtedly bring the best results from your whole tummy tuck.

If you are thinking of abdominoplasty, but feel uncertain about having liposuction – please feel free to contact us at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, Ireland.


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