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Angelica, 45, had a full abdominoplasty


After having her first child, Angelica’s stomach muscles separated and with a bulging tummy, her back injury got worse. She felt bad about herself and decided to have an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck, to return to her active life. Here’s her story and pictures from before and after her surgery.


Despite a congenital back injury, I’ve been an active person all my life. After my first son was born, my body of course changed, but I started exercising to regain my strength. Even though I had help from a personal trainer and invested a lot of time (and money), I couldn’t get my separated abdominal muscles back in order. It got a little better from time to time, but as soon as I stopped training, I was back to square one again. No matter how much effort I put into it, the results never lasted.

In addition to my bulging belly making the back pain worse, I was also heavily affected by my tummy in a psychological way. I couldn’t enjoy the fact that I just had had a wonderful little son – I still felt ugly and fat. A lot of times I got the blunt question when my next baby was due. That was not fun.

After son number two, my diastasis got even worse, and I also started having trouble with my hips and feet when my body tried to compensate for the non-working stomach muscles. I tried getting medical treatment, but diastasis is chiefly considered a cosmetic procedure. Finally, I turned to The Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, Ireland for help.

Now it’s over half a year since I had my abdominoplasty, and of course it has been a tough journey from time to time – but it was worth it. I have begun running again, and my body is keeping together in a whole different way now. I have considerably less pain and difficulties with my back, and my hips or feet are no trouble at all anymore. And I enjoy parties again! My quality of life has increased by a 100 % and I feel both strong and pretty. I believe that there are a lot of other women out there who would experience a happier life if they got the same opportunity as I did.

Before and after pictures from the full abdominoplasty:

Full abdominoplasty on Angelica, 45 Full abdominoplasty on Angelica, 45Full abdominoplasty on Angelica, 45


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