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The best fillers for lip injections

the best fillers for lip injections

It can be quite tricky to choose the right type of filler for your lips and purpose. To get you one step closer to your desired result – we have gathered some information about two of our most common fillers. Read about them here!


Absorbable and comfortable

When it comes to lip injections, we don’t recommend products that are non-absorbable. By other means, we only use products that can be naturally absorbed by the body. The results are therefore never permanent. This is mainly because you want to avoid situations where injected material needs to be removed. Removing fillers can leave unwanted scars and be quite an uncomfortable experience.


Soft results from the newly developed Juvéderm

Our most popular treatment for lip injections is a dermal filler from the brand Juvéderm. The products is extra long lasting and provides an extremely soft result with subtle enhancement. It’s also newly developed and especially made for the lips – a perfect choice if you want a more soft and natural look. Read about Nicole’s lip filler treatment here to find out more!


Classical transformation with Restylane

We also use dermal fillers from the classic brand Restylane. These fillers are categorized in two separate treatments, both developed to shape and augment the lips. The first one is called Lip Volume and is, as the name might reveals, suitable if you wish to give your lips extra volume. The other one, called Lip Refresh, is ideal if your focus is to rejuvenate and restore the moisture in the lips.


The dermal fillers from Juvéderm and Restylane are two of the most popular fillers that we use and warmly recommend here at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin. If you want to learn more about what fillers can do for you, you can download our free guide!


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