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Botox and fillers – the perfect match for a balanced look


Are you considering getting a filler or botox treatment? You might want to reduce some wrinkles on your forehead, make the cheekbones more appealing or fill in fine lines around the lips. Fillers and botox are two separate treatments with different functions – and combining them will most likely give you the best results!


Separate treatments with a joint purpose

Fillers are typically used to reduce the depths of wrinkles, not to eradicate them completely – with a sole purpose to restore volume to the face and often used from the eye down. Botox on the other hand is more suitable for treating wrinkles caused by muscle use, primarily in the upper part of the face.

Since the treatments have different strengths and results, a combination of both is optimal for a balanced look. Together they can help you achieve the best possible rejuvenating and natural look. They’re both also quite fast procedures, where each separate treatment takes about ten minutes. So combining the two won’t take long.


The magic of combining treatments

A popular combination is to put filler in the lower eyelids and treat the crow’s feet with botox. When getting a treatment with fillers or botox (or both!), you’re always given a tailored approach. Although, this standard treatment is quite effective for most people and can make a big change in appearance.

Botox and fillers are mainly used for cosmetic treatments, but can also help with other issues. It’s for example possible to heal paralysis in the face with injections of botox, to create a more symmetric look. Fillers on the other hand, can be used to treat scars or change the appearance of your nose without having to consider rhinoplasty.

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With a combination of both treatments, we here at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin are able to cater to a wider variety of needs for our clients – and achieve the most appealing, balanced and natural results. If you want to know more about what you could do with a little help from fillers and botox, you can download our guide!


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