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Breast augmentation with your own fat – how it works!

Breast augmentation with your own fat

Breast augmentation with your own fat or fat transfer has become more and more popular over the last few years, especially because most people find in more natural, both the look and feel. This is how it works:

Breast augmentation with your own fat is exactly what it sounds like – taking fat from other body areas and replacing it in your breasts. The process starts with a liposuction type procedure from your tummy or thighs. After this, the fat is washed and processed into pure fat cells, which are then reinserted back into your breasts using small needles. That means no scars and often a more natural result.

How much can I increase my cup size?

It will not be a dramatic change since not all of your fat will survive (40-50%) in this new area, therefore normally you can only go up one-cup size at most. But still for many women who seek a more natural breast augmentation without the use of implants, this is an effective option that will increase breast size and correct breast shape problems.

How safe is it?

More data is accumulating that fat transfer, when properly performed is as safe if not safer than breast implants, with regard to mammography and breast cancer detection, cysts and lumps etc.


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Does it suit everyone?

Fat transfer is not suitable for everyone but it is a good option for the right patient. If it is performed correctly, it can produce satisfactory results and meet the expectations of a certain group of patients. Since this method is a bit more limiting in its potential growth of your cup site (+1 size) this method will not be suitable for those patients looking for a larger change. Also if you have very little fat available to harvest from your abdomen or thighs it may not be possible to have enough fat to inject and increase the size of your breasts

How much does it cost?

It normally costs about the same as an ordinary breast augmentation, which is around 5000-6000 euros.

Why breast augmentation with your own fat?

   No scars

   A more natural look

   A more natural feel