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Carolina, 34, had an abdominoplasty after 4 pregnancies

Carolina had an abdominoplasty after 4 pregnancies

After an extensive weight loss following her four pregnancies, Carolina’s skin was hanging loose around her tummy. She felt having a tummy tuck was the only way to help with this, and turned to the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, Ireland. Here’s her story and pictures from before and after her abdominoplasty.


The reason for my decision was that I had lost almost 50 pounds after being pregnant four times. The weight loss was so extensive that my skin wasn’t following, and an operation, was the only way out. I thought long and hard about this, and ended up contacting the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin to find out about my options for a tummy tuck. It was my first and only choice, thanks to a good reputation and what I had read.

Today it’s over a year ago since I went through my full abdominoplasty. Plastic surgeon Colin was a true professional and it went very well. I feel really happy about showing off my result, and perhaps I can help others make their decision about having a tummy tuck. I’ve had lots of great comments and I am extremely happy with my results.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Colin Riordan at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, Ireland:

After Carolina’s pregnancies, her tummy had begun to “pout out”, due to the weakened and separated stomach muscles. During an abdominoplasty, you don’t just remove the excess skin and do a liposuction, you also stitch the stomach muscles back together again and move the navel. This results in giving the patient a flatter belly, and also improves and strengthens the posture.

Carolina’s pictures from before and after the abdominoplasty:



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