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Case: Large and heavy breasts?

Large and heavy breast can sometimes be problematic and lead to issues such as back pain, neck pain and rubbing bra strap that leaves deep marks on your shoulders. Other issues, such as rashes and irritated skin in skin folds and under the breasts, can also be a big problem. A heavy chest may also influence you to refrain from exercise and other physical activities.

A breast reduction can fix all these problems by reducing the size of the breast. Your breasts consist primarily of glandular and fat tissue. There are several different methods of breast reduction but the most common method is called the anchorlift. During your consultation with us we will review the options which is most suitable for your specific needs and wishes.


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Both younger and older women can experience discomfort or pain linked to their oversized breasts. The pictures you see in this blogpost is from a 22-year-old woman, who has experienced these types of problems since she was a teenager. In addition to having an oversized breast she also had an asymmetric breast which were reduced during the surgery. The woman in this case was very happy with the result and we were happy to help her reach her desired result


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