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Case: Nicole had a subtle lip filler treatment for a self confidence boost

As most lip filler patients, 27-year old Nicole was a little bit disappointed with the way her lips looked, and felt she needed a change. She turned to the Aesthetic Institute with a request perhaps not too common for the typical young lip filler patient.

Almost a year before her lip filler treatment, Nicole had already been in contact with the Aesthetic Institute due to another issue she had with her face. Back then, she was displeased primarily with the appearance of the tip of her nose and consulted plastic surgeon mr Colin Riordan to see how he could help her. The consultation resulted in a rhinoplasty.

Later on, Nicole came back to mr Colin Riordan with a new inquiry. She felt that something was missing in her new face – and had decided she wanted to do something about the lips in particular.


The goal: to increase volume – but not have it overdone

The most important thing for Nicole was to achieve a subtle increase of volume in her lips.  She didn’t desire a filler injection to create a manipulated result, but instead, she was bit more careful before her decision. 

For this, mr Colin Riordan found the perfect solution – the Volbella from Juvéderm. The Volbella is a filler developed especially for the lips and a very soft product that ensures subtle enhancement. Since Nicole didn’t have anything wrong with her lips, the results weren’t too prominent. This is normal for filler patients of all kinds – those around you don’t usually see the difference, but you feel it yourself. Often, it’s  more than enough to feel a bit more sensual or have a little boost of confidence.


Continuous treatments for a comfortable patient

In Nicole’s case, the additional volume in her lips matched her new nose in a way that made her even more satisfied and happy with the changes in her features. After the first occasion, Nicole has visited the Aesthetic Institute for another lip filler treatment – and will probably continue doing so.

– Since Nicole already was a patient of mine, I think she felt very comfortable in consulting us again. She was very happy with her decision to have a rhinoplasty, and the results from the lip filler treatment were really good as well. I am glad to have been able to help her with both things! says mr Colin Riordan, consultant plastic surgeon at the Aesthetic Institute.



Nicole’s before and after pictures


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