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Case: Sophie’s successful weight loss also affected her breasts

Mr Colin Riordan, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, will tell you about his patient Sophie.


Sophie had always had large breasts and after she successfully reached her goal to reduce a her body weight, her breasts not only lost volume and structure they also appeared to be in disproportion to one another. Her breasts met the requirements for surgeries financed by the county council. When all breast tissue gathered in Sophie’s lifted breast, both fit and form became much better. 


For this group of patients, we use a modern technique for breast lifts, which professor Peter Rubin introduced in Pittsburgh in 2006. At this type of surgery I create an inner bra of skin and do not remove any of the breast tissue. After that, I sew an outer layer of skin above the inner bra, which gives a more stable breast. Even though the surgery is bigger and more time consuming than other breast lift techniques, I highly recommend this for women who lost a lot of weight.


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During the past years I have been using this technique on several women, even on those without overweight. This technique is also useful as a strengthening in case you later on want to place an implant.