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The most common reasons for neck or chin surgery

The neck and chin area is perhaps one of the first places on the body where people start noticing the oncoming aging process. Since they’re also rather central parts of your features, this is where most people start to consider making changes. These are the most common reasons for neck or chin surgery!

Issues appearing with age

As mentioned above, the aging process is probably the primary cause why people start considering surgery around the chin and neck. With age, the skin around the neck will begin to sag and loose laxity. This often results in a quite common condition, where a muscle in the neck called the platysma band start showing through the skin. This will cause several vertical lines to appear across the neck from the chin down to the chest. Here you can watch before- and after pictures of chin surgery patients.

In-compatible or unproportional features

One of the primary reasons to why people want to alter their chin (apart from any of those connected with the aging process) is probably that they don’t feel their chin matches the rest of the face. Some might find it too short or weak, or the jaw too square or heavy. Wanting to make a change to the facial proportions are not unlikely connected with our perceptions of what’s a true feminine or masculine profile looks like. A small chin can also cause the neckline to appear larger and not as well-defined, even with younger patients.

Excess skin or fat

Unrelated to the aging process or by nature having a smaller jawline or chin, excess skin or too much fat is also a quite common reason to consider neck or chin surgery of some kind. A double chin or jowls (skin sagging from around the cheeks and mouth) can for example be addressed with liposuction. Excess skin around the neck area might also be the result from heavy weight loss, and can be resolved with a neck lift.

No matter if your goal is to restore a more youthful profile, or to create your desired features – the mutual reason for all those who consider neck or chin surgery is to have a profile that better matches who you really are.