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The 2 most common reasons for rhinoplasty

2 most common reasons for rhinoplasty

Everyone who consider having a nose surgery certainly have their very own personal reasons for the procedure. But overall, there are two most common reasons for rhinoplasty.


  1. Functional problems

About 10-20% of rhinoplasty patients choose to undergo surgery because of functional and airway reasons. Some can, for example, experience a difficulty breathing through one specific side of the nose, perhaps due to a previous trauma. These patients want to have a rhinoplasty simply for the quality of life; to be able to sleep without snoring or improve the breathing in other ways. Others have experienced a significant trauma to the nose that caused an deformity, which would be another reason for rhinoplasty.


  1. Personal feelings

The most common reasons for rhinoplasty are, without a doubt, completely personal – and often simply because of the individual’s perception of their nose. Commonly these patients might not require rhinoplasty from a medical standpoint – therefore this is a careful decision that must be taken for the right reasons. A nose surgery is not going to change your life, but it can give you the tools to help you feel a little bit more confident about your appearance, and hopefully less self aware.


If you feel unhappy about a certain part of your nose, you may want to consider having a rhinoplasty that could help address those issues. More often, people undergo rhinoplasty simply for cosmetic reasons.


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