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Bump on the nose? This is how we correct it – step by step

Bump on the nose

Usually, a bump on the nose is caused by either one or two things – the prominence of the underlying cartilage and the bone of the nose. The correct way to deal with the bump is taking care of both of the components in two different ways. This is how we do it.


1. Before going into surgery, you are put to sleep with general anaesthetic.


2. A small incision is made right below the base of the nose where it meets the lip.


3. The cartilage part of the nose is normally addressed by removing it sharply with a small blade or a pair of scissors.


4. The bony part of the nose is removed with a rasp or small file.


5. In order to narrow the bone a bit, the nasal bones will be fractured on each side of the nose.


6. After that, you will be sewed up and receive a little splint on the nose that will sit for 5-6 days.


7. When the rhinoplasty is done and you have been resting for a while, you are free to go home the same evening.


If you have questions about the procedure or our clinic you’re more than welcome to contact us for more information!


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