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Dermal fillers made Susan, 46, look the way she felt

Susan exercised a lot and was feeling alert and happy with her life. But her face didn’t match the way she felt, so she decided to try dermal fillers to get a fresher look. Here’s Susan’s story and photos from before and after her treatment.


“I’m an active person and I like to exercise. Until I turned 40, I hadn’t really been thinking about what I look like. When people started commenting that I was looking grumpy, I didn’t understand at all what they meant at first – because I was happy! It was only when I had a good look at myself in the mirror that I noticed the corners of my mouth had started to point downward. And suddenly, I realized that my whole face had begun to “fall down”.

My life moves fast, and I’m a practical, down-to-earth kind of person. I don’t have time to take care of my appearance a lot, but at the same time it’s important for me to look the way I feel – happy and alert!

One of my friends suggested that I tried fillers. At first I was very doubtful, because I had seen pictures of giant lips after lip injections and definitely didn’t want to look that way. But then I got curious and decided to try. If it works, it works, I thought!

It was exciting to meet Colin, my consultant plastic surgeon, because I didn’t really know what to expect. We talked about the things I felt was an issue for me, and he tailored the treatment to suit my case, with botox as well. I was careful to tell him I wanted it to look natural, without lip fillers. And he fixed it! I am really happy with the result. Now I feel that my appearance better match the way I feel, and people around me also think I look more alert and fresh, without knowing what I’ve done.”

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Colin Riordan at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, Ireland:

“Susan came to me because she experienced that she look tired and sad, even though she really didn’t feel that way. She is a caring person who is focused on making people around her happy, and haven’t been spending so much time on herself and her appearance. But now, she felt that it was time to make a change and asked me what could be done.

Susan’s issue is pretty typical for people her age. She described it with having a feeling of “her face falling down”. With age, the skin lose its elasticity, flexibility and volume, and that’s what makes you look tired or sad quite easily, even though you’re not.

With fillers I made Susan’s nasolabial lines (the lines from the nose down to the mouth and chin) less defined. I also recreated some of the loss of volume in the mid part of her face. Finally, I used fillers also to make the droopy corners of her mouth point more upward instead. Finally, to make her features less “concerned”, I used some botox in her forehead to smoothen the horizontal lines.”

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Dermal fillers before and after on Susan, 46

Before and after the treatment with dermal fillers and botox


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