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Emma had poor self-confidence because of her small breasts

Emma is 23 years old and has suffered from poor self-confidence because she always has had small breasts. She had been saving up for a breast augmentation ever since she was a teenager and now she feels ready to proceed. She went to see Mr Colin Riordan, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin.

– She gathered her courage and came for a consultation with us. Importantly she had realistic expectations regarding the end result and made a point of choosing a moderate implant. She did not want to look like she had undergone plastic surgery, but instead wanted to achieve a natural result, says Mr. Colin Riordan.

When it comes to breast augmentation, there are many different types of implants to choose between.

– In Emma’s case, we chose an anatomic silicone implant with a stable form. People usually call this a raspberry jelly implant. There are several different types of implants to choose between, and together with the patient, the doctor selects an implant that is most suitable for the purpose. It is important to listen to the what the patient wants, and thereafter, we can guide them to an appropriate implant. They need to feel comfortable with their new body – it often strengthens their self-esteem and increases their quality of life. In Emma’s case, she knew what she wanted because she had thought this through very carefully over a long period of time.


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Emma’s operation took about an hour and Mr. Riordan used the AK method to accurately position the implant correctly on the chest

  • As a patient, one can expect a few days with a little bit of pain. However, the stitches are removed after a week, and the day after the operation one can take a shower. Most women are back at work  after a week. In Emma’s case, I think the results turned out well and it will be great to see her again at her return visit, Mr. Riordan concludes.

Here are the “before” and “after” pictures of Emma’s results. The “after” pictures are taken 3 weeks after surgery, when the breasts are still slightly swollen. The final results are first possible to see after about 6 months.