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Facts you need to know about breast augmentation and pregnancy

Breast augmentation and pregnancy

There are a lot of misconceptions about breast augmentation and pregnancy. Therefore, we have listed the things you need to be aware of.

Planning a pregnancy?

If you are trying to become pregnant or planning a pregnancy in the near future, it would not be recommended to undergo breast augmentation. Not only will your body change, you will also put on weight, which will impact the outcome of the breast augmentation. We would advise you to delay your breast augmentation until you are no longer breast-feeding and at a stable weight.

Breast implants and pregnant?

The changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy can affect your breasts even if you have implants. Frequently these changes are minor and do not result in any significant changes to the appearance of your breasts there is a possibility you may lose volume and firmness. Therefore at some stage in the future you may desire to increase the volume of the implants or undergo a breast lift.


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Breast augmentation and breast-feeding?

Breast augmentation should not normally affect your ability to breast-feed. Some people can get more sensitive around the nipples after a breast augmentation but this is not common.

Dangerous for my baby?

There is no evidence that there are any risks or crossovers for your baby when you are breast-feeding and have breast implants. It is not harmful and perfectly safe.