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Fear a bad outcome? Then you must read this!

To give you a clear picture we need to go back a little in history, to the time when patients based their decision on a limited source of information, a brief consultation and little in the way of aids to help provide a reasonable expectation of the potential outcome. The patient had no clue what their breast or size would look like afterwards and less information to base their decision on compared to today.

Today, you start your journey with an almost unlimited source of information and reviews available, followed up with a comprehensive consultation and a 3D simulation. The combination of available information, consultation and the 3D simulation will help you visualize the end result, in order for you to better understand what result you can expect. Read more about the 3D simulation here!


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So, if you compare today with the past we can now show the patient with a high degree of accuracy what they can expect, which helps the patients make a more informed decision and hopefully to become more ease and calm before a potential surgery.
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