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Fillers – a lunch break treatment!

fillers – a lunch break treatment

A treatment with fillers can make a quick change in your appearance, without you having to go through surgery. The process from beginning to end is fast – so fast that you can actually have your treatment during a lunch break!

Normally, plastic surgery requires quite an investment of both time and money. But unlike traditional procedures, fillers are a non-permanent solution that won’t have to be preceded by such a great deal of consideration. When performed by professionals, it is a quite easy and non-painful procedure.

Consultation and treatment in one

When you are thinking about doing a filler treatment, the first thing you will have to do is book a consultation with a plastic surgeon at your preferred clinic. If it is your first time, the consultation will take about 25-30 minutes. Here you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your medical health and discuss your case with the plastic surgeon.

More often than not, you will be invited to have your filler treatment directly after the consultation. The actual injections that constitutes a standard filler treatment will only take about 10 minutes, no matter if you want lip injections, fill out hollow cheeks or smoothen lines around the mouth. If you want a bigger treatment with more product in more places, the injections could take a little longer. In some cases, your treatment might have to be divided into two times.

All in all, a filler treatment will not take you more than an hour. The procedure is so easy and fast, that it actually could be done over your lunch break. Read more about what you can expect from the results here!

Are you feeling ready for a filler treatment? Please feel free to book a consultation with us at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, Ireland – we’ll solve it under your lunch break!

If you want to know more, download our guide “A treatment with fillers” and read all about the process.


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