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How do I get my breasts back after pregnancy?


Breasts go through many changes during pregnancy, childbirth, and the breast-feeding period. However, changes in the breast are primarily due to pregnancy and not due to breast-feeding. Breasts undergo considerable internal changes during pregnancy itself. At the time of childbirth, much of the fat in the breast has been replaced with connective tissue, milk ducts, and alveoli containing colostrum. There are several alternatives for dealing with pregnancy-related changes in the breasts. Breast restoration due to the loss of tissue, fullness, and volume after pregnancy is one of our most sought after procedures.


When you have decided

If you have decided that you would like to see the possibilities that might be particularly suitable for you, and you have booked an appointment, you will meet with one of our plastic surgeons. This first consultation takes approximately half an hour, and includes an examination and the opportunity to receive information as well as discuss your wishes with the plastic surgeon. He or she will also take into account your particular biologic prerequisites, in order to be able to offer you the operation that is the most suitable for you.

You are welcome to come with your own ideas and expectations. Perhaps you have looked at pre- and post-operation pictures, but keep in mind that it is never possible to compare oneself with others because every woman is unique. As an aid in the consultation, we make use of a 3D-simulation that creates a picture that can be rotated 360 degrees, so that you can visualize how your breasts will look from all angles, including how they will look when you look down at your own breasts. However, this simulation cannot be performed on patients who already have implants or whose breasts are extremely saggy.


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Recreate the breasts you had before

Breasts that are somewhat saggy can be improved with a breast implant. If the position of the areola is not too low, and the skin and breast tissue are not too soft, and you are willing to accept some increase in breast size, then a breast implant can be an excellent choice.  A breast lift can also be performed without combining this with a breast implant. A breast lift is designed to reduce the saggy appearance of the breast by moving the areola and the glandular tissue upwards. Excess skin is removed, the breasts are reshaped, and if necessary, the size of the areola is also reduced. However, a breast lift by itself does not compensate for the loss of fullness in the breast, especially in the upper part, which often occurs after pregnancy. Therefore, breast lifts are often performed in combination with a breast implant, but relatively small implants may be used, if so desired.

If the breasts have increased very much in size after pregnancy and feel heavy, this can result in shoulder and back problems. In this case, a breast reduction can be appropriate. The basic technique of this procedure is the same as in a breast lift, but with some breast tissue removed, in order to reduce the size of the breasts. There are many different combinations and methods for recreating the breast after a pregnancy. Here we have described some of the most common techniques, but the method that is most suitable for you will emerge during the course of your dialogue with your plastic surgeon.