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How common is rhinoplasty?

The most common procedure in cosmetic plastic surgery is breast augmentation, but nose surgery is increasing all over the world. In 2016, over 223 000 rhinoplasties were performed in the US alone.


In Dublin, rhinoplasty now is the most frequent procedure the Aesthetic Institute carries out – here it is actually more common than breast operations. And internationally, nose surgery is probably the fastest growing type of plastic procedures. Especially in this digital age, people have become a lot more aware of their own appearance, not least when it comes to their faces.


The age of selfies and rhinoplasties

To be young today is a whole other experience, with presenting yourself and your life in social media and put selfies all over Instagram. You could show your face to thousands of strangers in a day, and a nose is exposed all the time.

Therefore, it’s no wonder young people have found that rhinoplasty might be a way to feel a little bit more confident and happy with their features in photos.

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