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How we take care of you during the day of rhinoplasty

Before undergoing rhinoplasty, you need to reserve a whole day for the surgery. By then, everything is prepared to the last detail. The hospital will keep you safe and calm, and make the process of your rhinoplasty as pleasant as possible.


The beginning of the day

When you arrive at the hospital you will be checked in by a nurse and brought to your room. The nurse will take your medical history and register if you are on medication or have any allergies. If you’re female, you will also take a standard pregnancy test – a routine procedure before a surgery to make sure you’re not pregnant.

After this, you will meet the surgeon who will go through the details of the surgery with you and ensure that you feel fine and are happy to proceed. You also meet the anaesthesiologist who will prepare you for the anaesthetic – a simple, safe and painless procedure.


The operation and recovery

You will be brought down to the operation room and put to sleep. The operation will take about 1-2 hours, and afterwards you wake up in a recovery room with a splint on your nose. Because of an additional local anaesthetic, you will feel very little pain right afterwards. You can also have small splints inside the nose that may cause some discomfort until you get used to it.

In recovery, you will be monitored very carefully. The nurses will control your blood pressure and make sure you don’t feel sick. Here you will stay for about 40 minutes. Afterwards, you are brought back to the main ward and get to sleep for about 1-2 hours. When you wake up you will have something to eat, and the surgeon will come see you to explain how everything went.

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The end of rhinoplasty day

In the afternoon or early evening of the same day as your nose surgery, you will be free to go home. Before you leave, you will receive a prescription of pain relievers and phone numbers to call if you have any questions further on.




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