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What if I’m unhappy with my botox or filler treatment?

If I'm unhappy with filler or botox treatment

Although botox and fillers are small and fast procedures, there’s a few things you need to consider before getting a treatment. Above all, you should know that the injections are non-permanent and – if you’re unhappy with the result – can be adjusted after your wishes.


Reactions directly after the treatment

After your treatment, it’s common (and completely normal) to experience some swelling or bruising. So don’t worry if this happens, just give your face some time to recover and respond to the injections.

With fillers, you will be able to see the results right away. With botox it will take some time to see changes, about a week to ten days. So be patient – it might not look the way you thought at first, but the result will most likely come around.

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Be aware of risks

Even though fillers and botox are easy procedures, you need to be aware of smaller risks – aside from completely natural swelling and bruising after the treatments. If you for example proceed in heavy exercise before the botox settles, it can glide around and get out of place. This can create an asymmetric and unwanted look.

If this (although it’s unlikely) would happen to you – don’t worry. There’s never a permanent damage made by these types of injections, and it’s always possible to make an adjustment. Usually, any irregularities can be corrected by injecting more botox on the opposite of the face – and it will balance it out.

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What about adjustments?

The same kind of adjustment is also possible if you, for some other reason, are unhappy with the result. Here at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, we always do what we can to make our clients happy and comfortable with their treatment. As mentioned before, fillers and botox are both non-permanent treatments and the result will wear off after a few months. This can be good to know if the result doesn’t match your expectations, or if you feel your decision perhaps was too hasty.

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