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Meet Janet, 37, who went through rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty case

Janet was bothered with her nose in more ways than one, so she decided to have a rhinoplasty after consulting the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin. Read about her treatment and see pictures from before and after the procedure.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures, because of its aesthetic and functional reasons. It’s a procedure that transforms a very central facial feature, and may therefore result in a striking change in the appearance. It’s also one of the surgical operations that take the longest amount of time before the patient will see the end results – since the swelling won’t be completely gone until 6-12 months has passed.

The procedure and results

37-year-old Janet went through rhinoplasty with Consultant Plastic Surgeon Colin Riordan. She was mostly bothered with the height of her nose in profile, and the fact that the nose looked somewhat pointed from the front.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Colin Riordan talked Janet through the operation and explained that they had to keep some of the height of her nose for the skin to properly close over the new shape after the rhinoplasty. He also explained that there might be some risk of remaining irregularity on the bridge of her nose afterwards, due to the thin circumstances of the skin.

Janet had a postoperative appointment at the clinic about six months after her procedure and she was very pleased with the end results. She felt that the rhinoplasty had given her a completely different appearance.

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Janet before and after her rhinoplasty

Nose surgery rhinoplasty before and after

Nose surgery rhinoplasty before and after


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