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investments into a tummy tuck

What will I have to invest in a tummy tuck?

Before jumping into any possibly life changing decision, you need to think about what you actually have to put into it. In this blog post, we list 4 important things you will have to invest in a tummy tuck – both before and after...
a tummy tuck step by step

Step by step – this is what happens during a tummy tuck

An abdominoplasty is a high tech and safe, but quite extensive, procedure that will need both preparation and a recovery period. In this blog post, you’ll find out how the surgery is performed, step by step. A standard tummy tuck operation will take about...
the best fillers for lip injections

The best fillers for lip injections

It can be quite tricky to choose the right type of filler for your lips and purpose. To get you one step closer to your desired result – we have gathered some information about two of our most common fillers. Read about them here!...
the recovery after a tummy tuck

3 things you should know about recovering after a tummy tuck

After having an abdominoplasty, you will be restricted from doing basic tasks for awhile, as well as physical activities for a longer period. In this blog post, you’ll learn more about what to expect from the recovery period.   1. Pain and discomfort is...
common patients for abdominoplasty

The most common patients for a tummy tuck

Everyone has their own individual reason for having an abdominoplasty, and every case and person is different. But who is the typical tummy tuck patient?

Angelica, 45, had a full abdominoplasty

After having her first child, Angelica’s stomach muscles separated and with a bulging tummy, her back injury got worse. She felt bad about herself and decided to have an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck, to return to her active life. Here’s her story and pictures...