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Joanna had an abdominoplasty to fix separated stomach muscles

Joanna, 40, had an abdominoplasty to fix her separated stomach muscles

When Joanna was operated for ileus, it resulted in separated stomach muscles, a bulging belly and a hernia that made her feel really bad about how she looked. To return to her old self, she had an abdominoplasty and a liposuction. This is the...

Abdominoplasty and liposuction – a great combination

When considering a tummy tuck, there’s often a certain thing you have in mind that the surgery will be your solution to. But did you know that an abdominoplasty actually is best performed together with a liposuction?
separated stomach muscles

Why do abdominal muscles separate?

Some people suffer from separated abdominal muscles, which can cause both health discomforts as well as aesthetic troubles. This is why it happens.
Dermal fillers made Susan look the way she felt

Dermal fillers made Susan, 46, look the way she felt

Susan exercised a lot and was feeling alert and happy with her life. But her face didn’t match the way she felt, so she decided to try dermal fillers to get a fresher look. Here’s Susan’s story and photos from before and after her...
Nose correction with fillers

Jessica had a nose correction with dermal fillers

Jessica had an issue with a bump on her nose, but didn’t know what options she had to change it. This is her story and before and after pictures of her nose correction. Jessica: “I contacted the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin to get help with...
Rhinoplasty case

Meet Janet, 37, who went through rhinoplasty

Janet was bothered with her nose in more ways than one, so she decided to have a rhinoplasty after consulting the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin. Read about her treatment and see and pictures from before and after the procedure.