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Recovery after breast augmentation

Common misconceptions about breast augmentation

As all people are different, we respond differently after a surgery. Some patients can be back at work after a couple of days, as others need more time. We have asked plastic surgeon Mr Colin Riordan what he recommends.

Day 1

Traditionally the patient is free to go home a few hours after the surgery. However, if you wish or it is medically necessary to stay overnight at the hospital this is no problem. The first day after surgery you may feel tired and it is normal to feel some pain as well as swelling. Normally you will take some painkillers to help with the discomfort.

Day 2

After two days the pain will be gone but you will feel a certain tightness around your breasts.

Day 7

Most patients are back to work within one week, but if you have a physical job including a lot of lifting you may have to stay home a couple of days longer.


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2 weeks

Keep away from aerobic activities in the first two weeks following surgery. Gentle walks are fine though. After two weeks, if you are feeling fine, you can do some light exercise, but obviously not exercises involving upper limb muscles, lifting or push ups. Go for a walk or do some low impact exercise.

6 weeks

After 6 weeks most patients are living their lives just like they were before the operation. However, we would still advise you to keep certain more specific activities like tennis or swimming front crawls to a minimum.

3 months

After 3 months you are back to normal!

Sometimes I get the question: Do I need to tell anyone that I am doing this? Of course not, but we encourage all our patients to have someone that will collect them from the hospital after the surgery and will be with them during the first night.