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Rhinoplasty – how does it work?


Curious about rhinoplasty but not sure where to start? Every case is unique and you should always do what feels best for you. However, to give you an idea, we’ve listed the most common steps one takes to go from thought to procedure.


1. Book a consultation

After you have done your research online its best to book a consultation to get all your questions answered and a feel for the surgeon who might help you. Sometimes it is helpful to visit more than one consultation. And if you for some reason feel that you did not get all your questions answered, go back! It is important that your plastic surgeon is fully accredited so you can feel safe and comfortable while contemplating your options. Give yourself a bit of time between the consultations and the actual surgery. This decision is something you should think carefully about and not hurry.


2. 3D-imaging

Before you decide upon a nose surgery we perform a 3D simulation that will help you visualize the end result, in order for you to better understand what result you can expect. Read more about the 3D simulation here!


3. Second consultation

After a couple of weeks after the first consultation and the 3D simulation you will come back for a second consultation. This is the time to get more questions answered and to go through the entire procedure again.


Download our guide: Five important questions to ask the clinic and yourself  before committing to nose reshaping with a rhinoplasty procedure


4. The surgery

As we’re all unique and the actual surgery will vary depending on the type of procedure we have agreed on the actions might vary. However, most of our rhinoplasty surgeries takes less than a day. After the surgery, you will have a splint placed over your nose that will stay on for one week.


5. Recovery

One week after your surgery you will return to the clinic and have the splint removed. You will immediately see a significant improvement, however there will be a bit of swelling that will subside within a short period.


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