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Risks after rhinoplasty

risks of nose surgeries

Where there is surgery there will always be some degree of risk, even though patients in most cases are happy with the result of their nose surgery. So, what are the potential risks during and after a rhinoplasty? We have asked our leading plastic surgeon Mr Colin Riordan, with 16 years of experience and training, to find out more about this.


The end result does not meet your expectations

One risk after a rhinoplasty is that the result does not meet your expectations. That is why several consultations, discussions and 3D simulation is done beforehand. All in all to get a realistic expectation.


Minor imperfections and irregularities

As all people are different, our bodies respond differently after a surgery. A degree of bruising and swelling will persist for some time afterwards, but this is not permanent. However, there will always be a small risk of some minor imperfections and irregularities after a rhinoplasty.


Download our guide: Five important questions to ask the clinic and yourself  before committing to nose reshaping with a rhinoplasty procedure


Bleeding and numbness

Some people may experience light nasal bleeding or feel a certain numbness after a rhinoplasty.


If something like this happens to you, consult with your surgeon who will advise and take care of you. Directly after having a rhinoplasty here at the Aesthetic Institute in Dublin, you will always get an appointment for a first post-operative visit.  If you have any concerns before that, you are of course welcome to contact us.

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