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What size implants should I choose?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions our plastic surgeons receive during the consultation. Many women compare themselves with others. Here we show why it is not advisable to make such comparisons. Every person is unique.

An example is these two women below, who have undergone breast augmentation. The women on the left has an implant size of 410 grams and the other has an implant size of 245 grams, but when we look at the pictures, they seem to be the same size. We have even taken a picture only of the specific implants that were used, and there one can see a distinct difference. Or?


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In order to select the right size, the surgeon takes into consideration your prerequisites and your desires. With the help of our 3D simulation, you can see how the various sizes and models would look on you – before your operation. 3D simulation is very much appreciated by our patients, where we together create a joint picture of the expected results. For us, it is extremely important that the patient feels secure about what is going to happen and also has a complete understanding of the results that can be expected.

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