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Step by step – this is how a chin augmentation works

A chin augmentation is a relatively common and not too complicated procedure – and the results are often very satisfying. In this blog post, you’ll find out how a surgery usually works, from beginning to end.

If you feel that your chin is too weak, small or unproportional to your face in any way, an augmentation is a safe and great way to make it more prominent. Performed by a qualified surgeon, you will be carefully taken care of through the whole procedure – to make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible.

1. Beginning of surgery day

A chin augmentation is a day case, which means you will be allowed to go home after the surgery, not requiring a night at the hospital. You will usually arrive at the clinic early in the morning, and meet with a nurse and your surgeon. Here, you will be examined and have the surgical site of your face marked to ensure the right placement of the implant. The nurse will see to that you feel comfortable and help you to the surgery room.

2. Going into surgery

Essentially, chin augmentation is performed by placing a silicone implant in your chin. The shape and size of your certain implant will have been carefully selected prior to surgery, so that you will achieve the desired result. The whole surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, combined with a local anaesthetic in your face.

3. How surgery is performed

The surgeon usually start by making a small incision underneath your chin, through which they gently will insert the implant. It is placed deep underneath your chin and positioned deep against the jaw, so you won’t feel it. After placing the implant in its right position, the surgeon will sew the incision together, and place a small piece of tape on your chin. The surgery will take about 45 minuter in whole.

4. Waking up after the surgery

Following the surgery, you will be closely monitored by nurses while the effects of the anaesthetics wear off and you wake up in the recovery. You will be welcome to stay until you feel alright, and your potential questions are answered. On discharge, you will be given an appointment for your first postoperative visit to the clinic. The stitches from chin augmentation will dissolve after about 10 days, so they won’t have to be removed manually.

If you want to learn more about the recovery period after a chin augmentation, or find out what altering options are available for you – read our guide Chin & neck surgery – how does it work.