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The day of rhinoplasty – hour by hour

You have everything prepared for your nose surgery and the big day has arrived. A rhinoplasty is a day case, which means you’ll go home in the early evening. The day will take about 8 hours in total – and this is roughly how they will go about.


7 am You arrive at the hospital

7.30 – You will be brought to your room

7.45 – You will have your medical history taken by a nurse

8.30 – You will be brought to the operation room to meet the surgeon and anaesthesiologist who will go through the details with you


9 am – The operation will start

10.30 – You will wake up in recovery

11.30 – You will be brought back to the main ward and sleep for 1-2 hours


2 pm – You will have something to eat

2.30 – The surgeon will go through the operation and tell you how everything went


3 pm – You are free to go home


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