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The perfect breast?

perfectLarge, small, pointy, flat….. Breasts are one of the most controversial parts of the body, and many people, both women and men, have specific notions about what they consider to be the absolute finest or best.

Women have many different reasons for coming to us about their breasts. Some have problems due to breasts that are too large and that cause backpain or seem to be in the way. Others are distressed because they feel that they hardly have any breasts at all, and they feel unfeminine. Many would like to restore the appearance of their breasts after breastfeeding their children. All women have different preferences and special requirements, which we carefully discuss during the pre-operation consultation dialogue.

After having performed many breast enlargement operations on his patients, Dr. Patrick Mallucci, a British plastic surgeon, a number of years ago began to reflect upon whether there was in fact a particular type of breast that most people would find beautiful. Instead of just discussing this with patients and other surgeons, he decided to perform a scientific study.

Hear him describe his study and the conclusions that he came to:

Among other conclusions, the study found that size is not important for whether breasts are considered to be beautiful or not. Rather, it is the shape that matters. And, in particular, breasts that have a ”natural” shape – there, women and men were in complete agreement.


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