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This is how a botox or filler treatment works

fillers and botox treatment

To make a change in your appearance with fillers or botox is fast and easy, and it’s becoming more and more popular. This is what you can expect from a treatment – from consultation to result.

1. The consultation

When you are curious about having a botox or filler treatment, the first thing you must do is to contact your preferred clinic for a consultation. A consultation will usually take about half an hour, if it’s your first time. Here, you will meet with a plastic surgeon who will map out the details about your medical history, get to understand your expectations, and choose what product will be best used for your particular case – regardless of whether you want lip fillers or a wrinkle treatment. Read more about the differences between fillers and botox here.

2. The treatment

If everything is clear, you will normally be invited to have the treatment right then and there in the consultation room. A botox or filler treatment doesn’t require any special instruments or anaesthetics, and the injections only take about 10 minutes or so – depending on your special case. Both treatments are done with fine needles, where fillers are injected under your skin, and botox is put into the tiny facial muscles. The injections are not usually painful, but if you want it, the plastic surgeon will apply some anaesthetic cream before starting the injections.

3. Afterwards

Normally, you will be done with your consultation and treatment in under one hour. Directly afterwards, you might notice that your face is beginning to swell and bruise from the treatment, and this is perfectly normal. With fillers, you will be able to see the result already when leaving the clinic. With botox, on the other hand, it takes about a week to ten days before it will start to have effect. Find out more about what you can expect from the results!

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