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Top 5 blog posts about breast surgery

Summer is here, and we want to share with you our five most popular blog posts about one of our most common procedures – breast surgery.

1. What size implants should I choose?

Many women compare themselves with others, and that is perhaps why this is one of the most frequently asked questions our surgeons get during consultation. In this blogpost, you will find out what size implants you should choose.

2. 7 questions you need to ask yourself before you decide upon a breast operation

When thinking about breast surgery, there are a few things you need to ask yourself (and your future plastic surgeon) before you make a decision about an operation. Here you will find the seven most important questions.

3. The perfect breast?

Large or small, pointy or flat? People have different opinions about what kind of breast is the most beautiful, and in this post you will learn what British plastic surgeon Patrick Mallucci found out in his study on the subject.

4. Emma had poor self-confidence because of her small breasts

Read the story about 23 year old Emma who had been saving up for a breast surgery ever since she was a teenager, and decided to have her operation at the Aesthetic Institute.

5. How do I get my breasts back after pregnancy?

This is a common question we get from women who have been going through pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are several alternatives for dealing with pregnancy-related changes in the breasts, and in this blog post we will tell you all about it.

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