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What results can I expect from botox or fillers?

results from fillers and botox

If you want to make a change in your appearance, botox or fillers are two great temporary options that can, for example, enlarge your lips or reduce wrinkles. This is what you can expect from the result after having a treatment with fillers or botox.

Directly after treatment

A filler treatment is injected right into the skin, and the product will “fill out” both lines and wrinkles almost in an instant, which means you will start to see the result right away when leaving the clinic.

Botox, on the other hand, is injected into the muscles and will have to settle for a while before you will be able to see effects from the treatment. With botox, you also want to be a little bit careful with heavy exercise for the first day or two, since the product has a tendency to glide around before it settles, and might end up at an unwanted place.

In the long run

Fillers and botox are temporary solutions, and the effect after each treatment lasts only for a few months. After having regular injections targeting the same areas, though, the result will last longer and longer. Normally, the effect from botox will start wearing off after about three months, and you will notice that your facial muscles are beginning to return to their normal function again. Six months after your treatment, the formula will have dissolved in a natural way. A filler treatment lasts about 6 months, depending on the product used, and will also be absorbed over time. Read more about the differences between fillers and botox here.

It shouldn’t show – only you will know!

After an injection with either botox or fillers, there are usually no striking signs of change. And there shouldn’t be! The purpose is usually to feel fresher, less tired and more alert – not to show off a pair of new, huge lips filled with lip injections, or to eliminate all of the lines and features in your face that makes you who you are.

On the contrary, the goal is usually not to have everyone notice the treatment. Instead, fillers or botox can make it a little bit easier to feel better about yourself, which can have an impact on how other people perceives you in that way.

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